November 04, 2012

Peer sharing session

Dance Dialogues in Bombay proposes to hold a peer sharing session during its anniversary celebrations, scheduled for the end of November. The session is meant to be a supportive space where dancers are first 'sharing', then 'performing', for there is some comfort in being able to unravel a work in progress among peers. Many of us at Dance Dialogues are young classical and contemporary dancers, and we are familiar w
ith the uncertain experience of making 'taught' choreography our own, and creating new dance pieces. Often, there is nothing more we would like than to be able to discuss our processes with peers, receive objective opinions and find points of value in the way others work.

Dancers and choreographers making their own work or trying to find meaning in traditional choreography that they have learnt are welcome to apply to present a short work.

Write to me at with your bio and a concept note.

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