September 10, 2012

Dear spammer,

I have begun to encounter spam with bad spelling.

Until now, the spam that managed to land in my inbox had decent spelling. They offered me sums of money dancers don't usually earn. And they were sometimes very specific, offering me performances in lands unknown. I was moved by the thought of someone who had done such solid research that they knew I danced; so moved that I almost replied to them saying - thank you for your interest in my performance career but I think Nigeria is too far away, especially if you are not paying for my air ticket.

But if you send me spam that reads 'have s xe with otu coe mieet metns', even if there were any chance of us getting together, it would be stubbed out faster than you could type 'have s xe with otu', for I abhor atrocious spelling. It is a huge turn-off.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the copy editor. Even if you spam.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The reason why recent spam is misspelled is because spam generators have figured out that correctly spelled spam is far easier to detect and stop. Its just one machine trying to outsmart the other.