June 19, 2011

End of story

It was a happy, bright day. I was on my way to work. I asked the autorickshaw driver to take a certain route. He started talking to me. I have become less diffident and I now reply to people who strike up conversations with me.

Transcribed and translated. With the right number of ellipses. All with three dots. No more, no less. Ration card.

Auto uncle: Where are you from?
R: Bombay only.
Auto uncle: Who all in your family...brrrr...tell history of chacha nana papa phuphi.
R: Sankshep shady history.
Auto uncle: Shaadi nahi hui?
R: Erm, now where to start?
Auto uncle: Tell no? You are working, but you are not married?
R: What's in a marriage?
Auto uncle: Arre, but it is your age for shaadi. You must be twenty-five or thirty at least?

Wrong foot.
R: Next left.

Stony silence.

End of story.

Ask a girl her age. Accuracy matters. 


The Privy Lotus said...

This was a good read..

Ranjana said...

thanks :)

A.M said...

LMAO....short but superb!!