December 01, 2010

Eleven memories of JNU

On nostalgia trip, suddenly!

1. Staring at a nilgai and being stared at. Wondering if nilgai gore people to death. Tempting fate.
2. Eating rasmalai ka ras with my fingers.
3. Being called 'gudiya'.
4. Singing 'dhagala laagli kala' while standing on the armrest of a bench on the ring road. Later explaining the meaning to a certain bemused spectator.
5. Lying down at KC OAT and staring at the stars. And crying.They were so beautiful.
6. Eating upma and curd with M. Eating curd, yeah! And becoming the local advertisement for Priya Pickle.
7. Stopping to let a peacock cross the road.
8. Bicycling across campus. Cycling down the PSR stretch at high speed. Bike rides too.
9. Watching 6 am bidaais in Saraswatipuram.
10. Dancing in a Tapti room and being asked by concerned downstairs nerd if all was well. When assured that all was indeed well, she told me she thought it was a ghost.
11. Fighting over fans, bonding over fans, switching off fans, switching on fans, indulging in sneak fan speed wars. Fans!


Anonymous said...

Arre! What happened to chocolate & coffee and lecherous lasses? Hazaroon kwaishen aisi ki ek bhi puri na ho saki... *melancholi sigh*

Ranjana said...

lecherous lasses ah. this was a 3 am list, devoid of all khwahish. sigh! but of course. of course. will make my next list :)