February 17, 2009


We sent a nice pink chaddi.
I can't wait for the sari I'm getting in return. I wanted to specify the colour and style, but I hear its pink. I hope it's at least cotton...some nice pochampalli print. I think Mr. Muthalik has no business telling others what to do. All these self-styled upholders of "Indian culture" piss me off so much. I attended this event the other day, where I heard a wonderful poem called Chatak Gulabi Chaddi, on the campaign. I'm trying hard to procure it. More on it when I find it.
Travel plans are crashing around me. First it was Khajuraho, then Jaipur, then Udaipur. Now, from the look of it, I'll be lucky if I make it to Munirka.
Martin Luther King's son made a much advertised appearance to speak on "A New Non-violent Revolution". The otherwise poverty-stricken JNU administration presented bouquets to all embassy officials, grand ones with all the trappings. BB Bhattacharya smirked like a slug and made superfluous comments on this prestigious university he runs like his jagir. He was quite mismatched. Looked really short, also. King was pretty disappointing, didn't tell me anything that I won 't find on Wikipedia. He couldn't understand any of the questions put to him, and kept asking people to explain them to him. After taking some timepass questions, he disappeared saying he had another engagement. Much touted, fell flat. Dev D was more interesting. Much more interesting. Especially since Devdas ki paro khet me gadda lekar gayi!
Today, I took my first cold water bath. The electricity disappeared. Poof! It was quite eventful. And painful.
24-7 has finally abandoned the washing of spoons. Yesterday, I saw shreds of cabbage lazing on supposedly washed spoons. Meanwhile, I have been drinking too much tea.

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