February 27, 2009

Attention seeking prats at large - Those who don't fit into pink chaddis

We have been putting up the poem in support of the Pink Chaddi campaign around JNU. What Manjari put up in Tapti was torn down by some paragon of 'Indian culture. We put a giant chaddi with the poem outside SAA. The culprit proudly came up to us and said he did it. A PhD student in the cinema department, he seems to have lived in JNU for a very long time. He is the president of a hostel and boasts about his supreme control over the hostel residents. I get the impression that he is doing this more out of the need for attention than anything else. Well, he's made me angry enough to get it. And now he'll really get it. No one seems to want to listen to him otherwise.

So dear Attention-seeker (AS), as we will call him from now on, found the poster obscene. That scores of others don't think it was obscene is immaterial. In a country where bhakti texts are full of what these bigots can find equally explicit (religion and antiquity are the only shields, besides, they don't have the guts to stand up against biggies. It's only us they'll torment.)...just this morning, an old professor sang an Andal composition to us. Anyway, that's not the issue. That AS has no respect for the views of others is appalling. That he is a downright liar is even more so. He told us he had gone to the student representative of a gender-related organisation on campus, which turned out to be false when we spoke to the student in question.

So blundering AS has gone, torn down and PHOTOCOPIED our poster. He's trying to be the moral idiot we're trying to protest against. And in his obstinacy we'll achieve what we set out to do - make the poem visible, aurally and visually. But this time, he doesn't know what he's up against. For every one poster he tears down, I'll put up two more. And so will the others who support our gesture. If he wants to spend all his days and nights tearing down posters, so be it. He'll never finish, I know.


baljeet said...

hii..i was goin through blogs n found ur name there n ur name i was able to recal..u rem sumone named baljeet? we usd to talk long time bak through Yaho i guess..so r u a writer by now or what? i rem thats what u wanted to be..i rem u got anoyd with me coz i wrote sum coment about dance on sum dance group since thn u ignored me :) oh by the way how about nrityagram did u join thr? do get in touch at baljeetart@gmail.com

Anil P said...

Freedom to put things up, and the freedom to tear them down. It's an age old dilemma.

It's important to keep going, and not give up. Maybe the force of reasoning sometimes does not work as well as persistence does!

Ranjana Dave said...

oh did i get annoyed with u baljeet? i don't quite remember! Ill get in touch sometime soon.

anil, you're right.