January 19, 2009

Sunset seconds

19.10 pm
A new template soon.

19.15 pm
Meanwhile, I'm trying to do somersaults. I have decided it is high time I get these basic things in line...all those fats balls in yoga class would manage halasana and I would draw circles in the air with my toe, only ninety degrees off the floor. I do not trust my balancing abilities, which is why I am unable to turn over...but soon I will. Then I'll progress to cartwheels.

19.20 pm
I've been terribly sleepy all day. However, I cannot hit the bed the moment I get back. I have work to do. Loads of it.

The Lohit dinner is waiting. Dal full of onions. Half-cooked rice. Vegetable (read potato), again full of onions. Too many days I've avoided it. Now it's calling.

Today's Kathgulab was a nice play, though not without weird lines.

19.35 pm
I'm really sleepy now. So sleepy my eyelashes are obstructing my vision.

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