January 16, 2009

NSD Nightmare

These festival dudes can be really egoistic and inane at times. On Wednesday, I was late for the 9.30 show of a Japanese play at NSD's Abhimanch. That was because the 7.30 play at Kamani had just ended. They stopped me at the entrance, saying I couldn't go in because I was late. Meanwhile, people with tickets kept turning up and were ushered in with the utmost politeness. Only those of us with student passes were punished for our ideas on punctuality. After a while, I really lost it - people from Hyderabad University and other places were standing outside, waiting to be let in. Had I come from Hyderabad to watch a festival where half the plays are way below standard, I would have probably murdered the doormen by now. They kept saying we were late and there was no place inside, so they wouldn't let us in. I kept abusing them below my breath and shooting dirty looks that would make a persistent eve-teaser quail while making audible comments about how they were so low down in the chain that they couldn't give hell to anyone other than us students.

After a while, someone else from NSD emerged from the auditorium and a friend approached him. He was furious...apparently the auditorium was half-empty since a lot of people left after the first ten minutes, and here the stupid door guys weren't letting people in. The doormen still refused to let us in but we just ran in anyway. The play was quite a sham, the only things I liked were the frames with jagged edges where projections were accompanied by the sound of electric switches being turned off and on.

Coming back to core issue, I don't understand why it is human nature to give shit to those lower down in the food chain. And we're not talking about guards, but about NSD officials. Why should you stop anyone from watching plays? The more the better, your play is more popular, has a big audience, why behave in such a juvenile fashion? Is that a form of reverse superiority? Because if it is, then they so totally deserve the inferior treatment meted out to them by most theatre audiences.

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