January 22, 2009

I'm going to watch a dance performance at Habitat. Auto situation uncertain. Pray for moi!

January 21, 2009

F-art Collection

JNU has this lovely collection of books which they call the Art Collection. It adorns the racks most of the time since it can't be issued. I find it incredibly stupid. Some books have five or six copies, but no, they won't issue any. I feel like clobbering them on their heads.

And stuff that CAN be issued and is worth reading can never be found. I was looking for a translation of Bhasa's plays, they have three copies, but all three are missing. Even the government run Asiatic Library is more organised despite less security and less technology. Those guys manually log books and here they have all those jazzy barcodes but can't figure when they lose a book within this mammoth library. I've heard PhD students can just take books if they feel like it and lock them into their study cupboards. There is no track of who takes what and for all you know, a doctoral candidate could hoard books like that for years. I think that is incredibly ridiculous - one should have to log a book as soon as it leaves its floor. I ended up taking my anger out on the guy sitting the the issue counter, though, looking back at it, I think I should have slapped the a%$&^&hole who made me look on the fifth floor for an aeon.

The problem with these big institutions is there are so many idiots at every level you don't know whom to shoot your arrows at. I hate it. I really hate it.

January 19, 2009

Sunset seconds

19.10 pm
A new template soon.

19.15 pm
Meanwhile, I'm trying to do somersaults. I have decided it is high time I get these basic things in line...all those fats balls in yoga class would manage halasana and I would draw circles in the air with my toe, only ninety degrees off the floor. I do not trust my balancing abilities, which is why I am unable to turn over...but soon I will. Then I'll progress to cartwheels.

19.20 pm
I've been terribly sleepy all day. However, I cannot hit the bed the moment I get back. I have work to do. Loads of it.

The Lohit dinner is waiting. Dal full of onions. Half-cooked rice. Vegetable (read potato), again full of onions. Too many days I've avoided it. Now it's calling.

Today's Kathgulab was a nice play, though not without weird lines.

19.35 pm
I'm really sleepy now. So sleepy my eyelashes are obstructing my vision.

January 16, 2009

NSD Nightmare

These festival dudes can be really egoistic and inane at times. On Wednesday, I was late for the 9.30 show of a Japanese play at NSD's Abhimanch. That was because the 7.30 play at Kamani had just ended. They stopped me at the entrance, saying I couldn't go in because I was late. Meanwhile, people with tickets kept turning up and were ushered in with the utmost politeness. Only those of us with student passes were punished for our ideas on punctuality. After a while, I really lost it - people from Hyderabad University and other places were standing outside, waiting to be let in. Had I come from Hyderabad to watch a festival where half the plays are way below standard, I would have probably murdered the doormen by now. They kept saying we were late and there was no place inside, so they wouldn't let us in. I kept abusing them below my breath and shooting dirty looks that would make a persistent eve-teaser quail while making audible comments about how they were so low down in the chain that they couldn't give hell to anyone other than us students.

After a while, someone else from NSD emerged from the auditorium and a friend approached him. He was furious...apparently the auditorium was half-empty since a lot of people left after the first ten minutes, and here the stupid door guys weren't letting people in. The doormen still refused to let us in but we just ran in anyway. The play was quite a sham, the only things I liked were the frames with jagged edges where projections were accompanied by the sound of electric switches being turned off and on.

Coming back to core issue, I don't understand why it is human nature to give shit to those lower down in the food chain. And we're not talking about guards, but about NSD officials. Why should you stop anyone from watching plays? The more the better, your play is more popular, has a big audience, why behave in such a juvenile fashion? Is that a form of reverse superiority? Because if it is, then they so totally deserve the inferior treatment meted out to them by most theatre audiences.

January 06, 2009

January comes

In Delhi again. It's coolllllddd! But it feels nice sometimes (when one is not washing clothes). JNU looks great...I cycled to some of the more secluded areas...saw a peacock too. But my butt is now aching thanks to the winter cold butt syndrome and I have to sit very awkwardly in order to cycle.

I'm also very sleepy.

January 03, 2009


Came across this lovely Degas template while looking for a new template...