December 23, 2008

Chaaty day!

Krupali ditched me five minutes after we planned a trip to Juhu beach in minis, so I went to Chandru's today, with Lulu, to eat some bhelpuri. All the people I met ask me - don't they have great chaat in Delhi? I haven't tasted any yet. I still think Bombay chaat rocks! When I told the waiter "pyaz mat dalna" and he said "kanda?", it felt like bliss :)

Mother dearest gave me strict instructions, telling me not to go within a foot of the vile panipuri. I didn't bother mentioning that I had abandoned all reserve yesterday and eaten it right off the street. Chandru's is slightly more hygienic-looking (at a price). Yesterday's plate was not award-winning, but it was my first in three months, so it didn't matter. Chandru's had smooth puris (the smoother it is, higher the calorie count, I've realised), thanda pani, just tangy enough, and succulent boondi. But the guy making it didn't seem to remember the masala puri at the end, and when we asked for it, he gave us a rather insipid one.

On our way, we passed a popcorn thelawala, whose kadhai gave out this extremely enticing aroma of roasted corn, so we treated ourselves to some of that. We also walked all around Versova, yours truly ogling the bungalows...I still want a bungalow, but one by the beach is first priority. A lot of icecream and dessert places seem have sprung up - there was one called 'Havmor', and its tagline said something like 'havvfunn'. Numerology is definitely ruling the roost. Now as long as they call it pav bhaji and not ppavv bhajiii, I don't care!

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