October 21, 2008

You are welcome...to do nothing

A howler that came to me as part of an e-mail from IRCTC, the Indian Railway's ambitious online ticketing site, telling me why my work could NOT be done, of course.

"In case of any problem, you are welcome to contact us at 24*7 Hrs. Customer Support at 011-23340000, MON - SAT(10 AM - 6 PM) 011 - 23345500/ 4787/ 4773/ 5800/ 8539/ 8543 , Fax No. 23345900, Chennai Customer Care 044 - 25300000 or mail us at
care@irctc.co.in. We will be glad to help you out in solving any such problem encountered during booking your ticket."

Well, I understand that one number is probably 24*7 and I assure you, having spent some absolutely frustrating minutes trying to get an operator on the phone on railway numbers, that your calls will never be answered.

The best part is, I still don't have tickets to Delhi. The future looks bleak, from where I see it.

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