August 10, 2008

The party

I have six days in Bombay.

Not everyone could make it to my farewell party, but it turned out to be great fun. My friends surprised me with a delicious eggless cake and a touching card. As in all Ranjana parties, we watched some Odissi and sincerely discussed a performance of Bandha Nritya. But I ensured a good quantity of Dard-e-Disco and Mauja hi Mauja in the end. Ipsita and I made lame attempts to lap-dance, much to the consternation of Reuben. I finally ended up injuring her finger and applying the peach balm held by white monkey to it...

Ipsi copied my move from her 18th birthday and got me a garland..only a more flamboyant one in this case. Although they've left me with a variety of options fit for my obit page, this should give you an idea. Note the shapely contours...the amount of chocolate cake I've eaten, they won't last long.

The perpetrator of the crime...held under Section something or the other for cracking inciting jokes about the insart.

Krupali wants to give all the pouty sultry sirens a run for their money. My rude angel says she looks like her nose hit the wall. This is what we will post on HER matrimonial profile!

An extremely interesting composition, with Krupali playing a cat...she is proud of her ability to make feline faces. Rajat is an active supporter. Meanwhile, Reuben contemplates the madness around him, while Ipsita's desperately trying to dial 100, asking those dudes to come and rescue her from us.



Nice cake as well as the garland.

Also your pic doesn't shows your face, I Guess keeping up with your tradition. [not that i want to see]

Ranjana Dave said...

should thank my friends for that - the garland is still there and the cake was delicious...fingerlicking delicious!

yes, in keeping with my tradition, no face yet! :)