August 21, 2008


I've been here five days...

I've learned a lot. These five days have been a crash course in life.

On Sunday, I stood in the courtyard of Ganga hostel like a refugee, trying to figure how I would live without having any place for my luggage. Now I've learnt to take up minimum space. And share beds.

The aloo paranthas are great. South Indian food sucks...not that I want any of it...

I finally got down to buying some essentials today...a bucket, some rope for a clothesline and so on. So I feel more settled. I figured that even if I have to live like a refugee, I might do so decently.

The walk from Lohit hostel to SAA is too long when I have to choose between breakfast or punctuality. Also, since for some unknown but surely valid reason, we have only one cyber cafe and one proper phone booth. The campus spans over 1000 acres. What fun.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha!! Really funny. how about taking a short cut.I think there used to be a short cut just infront of the Chandrabhaga, leading upto admin block, SAA near to that only.

btw, enjoy the campus life, and you will miss it as I'm missing it after 2 yrs.

Ranjana Dave said...

yea? i will look up the shortcut and take it...thanks!