June 16, 2008

Gupchup competition

Sangeet challenged me to a gupchup competition. Well, actually it was the other way round. He was talking about he had those with his friends, and I told him how he would lose with his nose in the mud if he tried competing with me.

So off we went last Monday. We walked to Deula Sahi but there was no one because of the rain. So we went back to get the scooter and then went elsewhere. Once we started, I ate twenty gupchups comfortably. After 30, we took a small break. At 40, I started draining the water out.

When we reached 50, the vendor asked us if we really wanted to eat any more. He cautioned us against the ill-effects of gupchup. At 57, I had to throw the towel in...all that water made me feel pregnant. I paid the bill, since Sangeet ate 58 to defeat me. But that's a narrow margin...someday the world gupchup record shall be mine...

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