June 04, 2008

Ants and dogs

Our new house in BDA colony is a palace compared to the Old Town hovel. Thanks Sangita Apa, for helping us find it. Life's getting better.

However, I have reconciled myself to the fact that nothing can be perfect. And don't even go near picture perfect. My new house is a magnet for red ants. My first morning here, I awoke to find my beloved coconut oil bottle surrounded by ants. I went to Cuttack on Sunday and returned the next day. Only to find all the provisions swarming with ants. In the evening, there were scores of moths around the lights. I went out and came back to a bunch of them lying dead on the kitchen floor, being eaten by...none other than...the ants!

I spent the rest of the evening bathing the house in lindane powder and Laxman Rekha.I cleared all the ants from around the food. But they were back soon.

Yesterday, Sangita Apa got me breakfast. How the ants managed to smell the chapatis and enter a SEALED tiffin is beyond my imagination...they beat my gupchup radar.

Then comes the dog. Shera, my downstairs neighbour, hates me for some inconceivable reason. He believes that his divine calling lies in leaping at me and mauling me to death as soon as he sees me. Which means that every trip past his house has to be made with extreme caution, after confirming that he is tethered to something as strong as an iron pole.

Have to go cook dinner...the next edition of insectopedia will be here soon.

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