April 08, 2008


Mostly फट रही हैं। Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Four days more, and then - moksha. Everytime I get closer to my who cares attitude, I think about Physics. Works wonders for my brain. I can even mug up law when I think about Physics. It's worse than the fear of being marooned on an island where the only edible thing is muskmelon. I can't even stand the smell. On an optimistic note, the odour will probably kill me before I con myself into eating it. And with all that time to watch the waters go by, I may finally comprehend what electrostatic lines of force are all about. And one day I'll be rescued by a ship. And I'll become a Physics teacher on returning to the mainland. Now, that is really going OTT!

Samsmaranam was lovely but it has left me sleep-starved and exhausted. Time to meet up with my old paramour.

Let me get back to figuring out why India's planning commission doesn't have any planning to do...

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Life said...

tumhari toh thik hai hamari toh jabar fat rahi hai..attendence short ho gayi..kal tribunal baithe ga..jus keep me in ur prayers..so that i can take exams