April 04, 2008

Nightscapes - निशाचर

4.31 AM

I've learnt a new word - निशाचर, which means nocturnal, according to Ipsita. I'm nowhere close to completing my portion. Most professors seem to have pulled a fast one on us. But I've learnt new things today and taught some.

4. 36 AM

Horizontal communication made me feel like walking on a tightrope. Vertical was like bungee jumping without those ropes tethered to your ankles.

4.37 AM

I have a French spa voucher I don't know what to do with.
If PK Ravindranath can get published, so can I!

4.39 AM

I turned twenty today. Ish! Doesn't feel like I'm two decades old. I've lived through the fall of the Berlin wall. And changed centuries. Too much packed into a few years. Am an "adult" now. Does that make me feel heady? I think dizzy is more like it.

4.41 AM

I want a dog.
Just received a birthday SMS.
What a night! As a child, I used to measure myself before going to bed on the eve of my birthday. And then check in the morning to see if I had grown an inch.

4.46 AM

I came online to check on NWICO. Let me do that.
And I should sleep. Or I'll miss breakfast again.
It's the most exciting meal of the day. Sometimes. I'm tired of junk food.
Yes NWICO dear, I'm coming.

4.57 AM

BMM has made me an editing and layout junkie.



happy birthday!

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your definition of weblog has a puzzling complexity/..and all the more thought provoking and yeah quite true. More intricately, it is mental nudity and also the degree of which is very much decided by the author and readers. Its the head that writes!

PS: do you sleep at night !?