March 07, 2008

Pre-sleep post...a la Garfield

2.43 AM

Adjectival law describes and lays down the procedure for legal steps, very much like its descriptive counterpart in the English language. Knowing that will change my life. Will it change yours? In which country is your heart? Is it in India? Then it is governed by Indian constitutional law.

I read Scribe thoroughly. Passable. Looked better than Squawk when I first saw it. But our pro-poor Squawk is definitely better in quality, even with all the errors. Do not fail to detect the notes of quasi-patriotism and narcissism. Even with all that factored in, Squawk wins!

I tend to blog more often before exams. It's called catharsis. It repairs a soul splintered by the nuances of custom law. Which, for your information, is the law our forefathers have been following for centuries.

Time to experience the pleasures of the bed. For the right context, source earlier posts. Fortunately or unfortunately, the only thing that warms my bed is a blanket.

Good Night.

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