March 31, 2008

Life sucks

Life sucks. What's new about that?



Life sucks?
funny whenever i had to give anyone how good life can be i use to give example of yours i meant life @BMM Xavier's.
what can make your life suck?
probably you don't know how bad it can get in few colleges. Auch as ours in which egoistic professors throw dices to decide who shows homework and the reason for using dices is that no girl should complain against him for sexual harassment.

Ranjana Dave said...

yea man. life at bmm xaviers is just a part of life. n bmm xaviers, or bmm fr tht matter is nt grt either! i agree we're far frm talk of dices n sexual harassment here, bt sometimes we also hv a right to get frustrated (n justifiably so)! The grass always looks greener on the other side...

Life said...

ya i know...sometimes when u go to a new a very different environment..there u don't have any loyal friend..

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