March 06, 2008


There was a woman called Anaconda,
She lived in a bonda.

One day, there came a rock,
He was called therocks.

Anaconda was in love,
She went and said pow wow.

Therocks bolted, and she went after him,
Pow wow pow wow pow wow wow.

He went down the stairs, with crashes and a bang,
She bared a pearly, curly, fatal little fang.

But then came the wind, and it brought a crow,
The fang lashed out, but the crow said ho!

And it bit the fang,
Let it bang, and sang,
Rock on, therocks, you're the way to go,
Hee hee ho hee hee ho,
Hee hee ho hee hee ho!


krupali said...

well....jus for u! can sense the frustration whether aimed or watever it was jus too good...i get the context now....its jus mind blowing....

Ranjana Dave said...

lol :)

beware...the pen is mightier than a big tongue!

Ipsita said...


Ranjana Dave said...