March 20, 2008


Lecture till 11 pm. We were shooed out of the hostel by the caretaker!

Studies? Huh, what's that. Just got done with SIP anyway.

Sleep, ah, now I understand what that means!

March 15, 2008



A profusion of contemporary issues notes, so that just makes life worse. On the brighter side, exams end tomorrow. Playing pessimist once again, these were just the preliminary exams. The next three weeks are going to be an ordeal for a highly imaginative and permanently distracted sleep junkie like yours truly.

March 14, 2008

But my favourite is...

जिसको अकेले में आ आकर ध्यान तेरा रह रहकर सताये,
चुपके चुपके मैखाने में आँसू पोच और रह जाए।
Don't know who the author is, but I like it!

March 13, 2008

Ipsita ke ghazal

ज़माने भर के घम,
या एक तेरा घम,
ये घम होगा तो कितने ना होंगे,
तेरी महफिल में लेकिन हम ना होंगे।

अगर तू इत्तेफाकन मिल भी जाए,
तेरी फुर्कत के सद्मे कम न होंगे।

Written by Bahadur Shah Zafar, says Ipsi...

March 09, 2008


सनसनी! सनसनी! सनसनी!

Exams are on the anvil, on the prowl.

बिन बुलाये मेहमान पधारे। क्यों क्यों क्यों? जानने के लिए घम बाटो, परीक्षा बाटो...

March 07, 2008

Pre-sleep post...a la Garfield

2.43 AM

Adjectival law describes and lays down the procedure for legal steps, very much like its descriptive counterpart in the English language. Knowing that will change my life. Will it change yours? In which country is your heart? Is it in India? Then it is governed by Indian constitutional law.

I read Scribe thoroughly. Passable. Looked better than Squawk when I first saw it. But our pro-poor Squawk is definitely better in quality, even with all the errors. Do not fail to detect the notes of quasi-patriotism and narcissism. Even with all that factored in, Squawk wins!

I tend to blog more often before exams. It's called catharsis. It repairs a soul splintered by the nuances of custom law. Which, for your information, is the law our forefathers have been following for centuries.

Time to experience the pleasures of the bed. For the right context, source earlier posts. Fortunately or unfortunately, the only thing that warms my bed is a blanket.

Good Night.

To say or not to say, something like this.

2.25 AM

Hindi soap operas get weirder with every passing day. So we have dear younger sister who sacrifices herself at the altar of her didi's untimely premarital pregnancy woes. By becoming the dowry for her quick marriage to the man she loves. Who loves the little sis, by the way.

Then we have Radha ki betiyaan roti rahengi, a cryfest, as the title suggests. Mother and three daughters revel in celebrating every occasion, whether happy or sad, with bouts of serial crying. Actually, they are not the only ones celebrating the low import duties on glycerine. With every packet of Umeed, you get a vial of glycerine free.

Ecstasy is the other in thing. Sunaina mostly pouts with the 'God just told me I'm his next incarnation' look. While her to-be mother-in-law has extensive Jiya Jale moments. Talking of which, Jiya jhooms through Jhoome Jiya Re. Jhoom is probably a metaphor for her perennially doped look.

I chanced upon Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki recently, and it seems dear old Dadima is still alive and well. Parvati probably has grandchildren, but her looks don't say so. Meanwhile Tulsi, who is now the wife of Kashinath Pandey the king of Varanasi, always throws these enigmatic prayers at poor Lord Krishna and offers vaguely reflective philosophical solace to her perennially beleagured bitter half.

The hoardings at the railway station scream - Kis Desh Mein Hain Mera Dil. In which country is my heart? Any takers? Tehelka would love to add that to its kitty of investigative stories.

And if you are the vamp, you HAVE to wear halter-neck blouses.

PS: Don't sue me.

March 06, 2008

Growing up?

I cringe on seeing what I wrote three years ago. Is that what growing up is all about?

Untitled epithet to...

Revolutionary contraceptive pills stall examinency
Exam Ban Act passed by Parliament
How I wish...


There was a woman called Anaconda,
She lived in a bonda.

One day, there came a rock,
He was called therocks.

Anaconda was in love,
She went and said pow wow.

Therocks bolted, and she went after him,
Pow wow pow wow pow wow wow.

He went down the stairs, with crashes and a bang,
She bared a pearly, curly, fatal little fang.

But then came the wind, and it brought a crow,
The fang lashed out, but the crow said ho!

And it bit the fang,
Let it bang, and sang,
Rock on, therocks, you're the way to go,
Hee hee ho hee hee ho,
Hee hee ho hee hee ho!

March 04, 2008

Overdosing on...

5.40 PM
Me: I've been eating through the day. I'm feeling...pregnant!
Mum: (shock in her eyes and voice, impending doom gliding down her face) What? Pregnant? Did you have intercourse with someone?
Me: Erm, no! I'm just hungry. I'm craving for sweet and sour things, in that order.
Mum: (Still very serious) You are sure you're not pregnant? You didn't even sit...(wonders how to continue) nexttoaboywithoutyourclotheson,didyou? (all is out in a gush) Sperms can be motile, you know.
Me: (voice of longing) I haven't even been kissed (neither properly nor improperly, may i add...)yet and you talk of intercourse?!

And so it went on.

11.20 PM
Since then, I have managed to convince mother dearest that I'm still a virgin. But my binge today continues to pique me.

10.00 AM - Breakfast: Three dosas with butter and coffee
12.30 PM - Lunch: Pulao and gravy vegetable
15.00 PM - Samosa
16.15 PM - Two biscuits
17.00 PM - Two papads and coffee
18.00 PM - Dosa
19.00 PM - Chocolate
21.00 PM - Kadhi, fried potatoes and potato chips
23.30 PM - Horlicks

Wow! Can I actually hold all that goop in my seemingly tiny stomach?