December 25, 2007

This is what sleep-laden eyes (and lids) can produce

Blogger, don't fill in blanks!
Oh yes! I'm back to the steamier side of my love-hate relationship with headlines. Currently, I'm trying to leave lines between my paragraphs, but Blogger refuses to let me do so.
I always have such big plans for the vacation. But I forget to allocate extra hours for my favourite hobby, passion and vocation - sleeping. And what am I doing all night anyway...?
9.00 pm
Watch TV
10.00 pm
Serenade myself - in the loo. Read simultaneously. Sometimes, a serious Oriya song session.
I'm fruitfully occupied all this while. So when do these activities leave me to plunge into nothingness?
11.00 pm
Go online. Check e-mail. Watch a few Odissi videos.
12.00 am
Help my little sister convince herself that she should be sleeping instead of trying to study with drooping eyelids and a wandering mind.
1.00 am
More dance videos. Some music too. Google random people because my hands have nothing to do. Discover the joys of Google and hone my skills as the Googlerani.
2.00 am
A creative bug such as the current one may emerge. It bites as hard as those godforsaken red ants all over my bed. But Oriya ants are worse. How they manage to enter airtight bottles of chutney powder is beyond my imagination.
I listen to the same music repeatedly, and suddenly begin to dance. But it's hands only, as I don't want my downstairs neighbour going up in arms. They've been quite tolerant of late and I'd like things to stay the way they are.
Am I getting addicted
to the computer?
Or am I just addicted to laziness and blessed with the concentration span of a yoyo? Attention span of a housefly sounds better, but research has proved that they are capable of the same attention levels as humans, which explains why they sit on my notes longer than I ever do.
Actually, I'm sure this is just a general lack of focus and the poor computer, this advanced cousin of the idiot box, is not to be blamed. As for those prats who blab about how one can even use the Internet to read books, don't believe them. I tried doing the last Harry Potter book that way (and succeeded), but it makes your eyes feel like the railway toilet at Bombay Central station - full of shit.
There is one thing I really want to do this vacation - teach myself to read and write Oriya. So I'm getting back to my notebook. Feeling like a KG student is a wonderful feeling. Devoid of responsibility...
The pen is mightier
than the mouse: Ranjana

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Anonymous said...

Serenading in the loo could result in nasty fractures.The loo walls have not been trained to listen to Oriya songs.An excuse to ask your younger sister to sleep is to generate more freedom amd liberty so that while dancing with your palms,you can make expressions of your favourite Odissi abhinaya and label yourself as - - -.Hmm....aha
Really loved the idea of the cute lotus leaves floating ......reminded me of many things......
Guess who?