September 17, 2007

This does not have a headline because it is all about one

11.00 pm

I've been staring at a page in a very pleasing font. It says something about writing headlines. I'm resisting the urge to whip out my fluorescent marker and wreak havoc with it! That is an exercise I resort to only in times of dire memory shortage, because some part of that thrill of watching text go green translates into disk space.

This chapter tells me moving things about the "customs" that copy editors have created. Okay, they are entitled to their customs, but I cannot comprehend such subtle truths on the eve of my exam! I am entirely to blame, but what is the fun if an undertrial pleads guilty without making the court dance and adjourning it a hundred times. There won't be any "masala".

11.10 pm

As I type this out, I'm reading through a few rules listed in the chapter. On the face of it, they sound very simple. However, when I see that "2 - line 2 - column headline" in the paper, it all sounds like Mermish.

11.12 pm

Actually, now that I've bothered to read the rules, it sounds much simpler. Verbs, modifiers, prepositions...not that bad, but I still need to get conversant with those counting methods.

11.16 pm

Like India's fiscal deficit, I always have a sleep deficit. A copy editor may have headlines.

Woman dragged into black hole
after sleep deficit overpowers her

Girl found drooling
on ancient teak bench

Answer sheet confiscated
after it is found drenched
in unknown bodily fluids

Local train evacuated on discovery
of unidentifiable lump resembling human

11.25 pm

Why does my brain work overtime towards all the wrong things at the wrong time?!

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