September 08, 2007

Miss-es and hangovers

Why does the grass always look greener and cleaner on the other side?

When I'm not in Bombay, I sing its praises to anyone who cares to hear (and bore those who don't). When I come back to Bombay, it is always with an x-hangover (x being the last place I visited). And God help those around me if I stayed there too long. The hangover shows no signs of wearing off. Instead, it just continues till I go away from Bombay, only to return with a fresh hangover...such a vicious cycle this is!

For over eight months, I was on my 'When I was in Bangalore' track. Then it was 'When I was in Bhubaneswar' and now 'When I was in Orissa'.

Well, I have legitimate reasons...that is what I think.

I miss Bhubaneswar because I cannot dance like I've lost it at midnight; if I do so, my downstairs neighbours will be filing a PIL any day now.
I miss Bhubaneswar because I cannot use my bicycle here.

When I was there I missed Bombay because it is not nice to be in Kharavela Nagar at 9 pm, knowing that the only way to get back to Bhimatangi is taking an auto that is bloody expensive.
I missed the convenience of shops that have atleast ten vegetables.
I missed the healthy looking specimens of cucmber to be found here.

I miss Bangalore...because I miss going to KC Das and stuffing myself and then saying that Bombay has a better choice of eating places!
I miss Bangalore for its dance-friendly environment.

I'm waiting for my next hangover


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u r great

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