September 09, 2007

Land, air sea, trees...from Orissa

You have to get on this bridge to feel the way I do...overwhelmed...

Bhimatangi blaze...on June 29, my last night at Srjan, I got super-nostalgic, spent an hour prancing around on the terrace doing a bit of Keeravani and taking absurd photos and a few good ones.

Cloud-i-city...taken from the banks (!) of the Mahanadi river when we went to Cuttack for a wedding...which brings back a funny memory...Amanda - "Ranjana, this place smells really shitty! Can we go soon?"

As I contemplated my existence (what lofty words!), sitting in an impersonal air-conditioned vehicle and whooshing towards Bhubaneswar, I put camera to some use...
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