September 30, 2007


Today is a watershed day in the history of my tryst with cooking. I made saffron milk with almonds! Ok, I overestimated the amount of saffron a bit, but it still tastes edible! And erm, it's feeling a little heavy!

September 25, 2007

Lessons for Today...


1. I shall study.
2. I shall wake up early and go for a walk.
3. I shall not eat tons of Bournvita and fried foodstuff.
4. I shall practise.
5. I shall refrain from wasting time.
6. I shall endeavour to complete all the above.
7. I shall endeavour to endeavour that I complete all the above.

And so on. So long...
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September 24, 2007

Fatty poo moi!

When I returned from Orissa, I realised I had something that remotely resembled a figure after trying hard for so many years. And in celebration, I spent the next few months gorging on vada pav, cheese aloo palak sandwiches, Bournvita (350 ml in one go), milk cream, butter, potatoes and much more.

And I became fat again. And now I'm feeling all bad-bad again I'm trying to lose weight (while gorging on milk cream). Help me, fellow netizens!

Colours of Orissa

On the way from Bhubaneswar



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Indian Ad-iol

And Prashant Tamang becomes the third Indian Idol after a
three hour borestravaganza and innumerable commercial
breaks and John Abraham playing the fool.

September 17, 2007

This does not have a headline because it is all about one

11.00 pm

I've been staring at a page in a very pleasing font. It says something about writing headlines. I'm resisting the urge to whip out my fluorescent marker and wreak havoc with it! That is an exercise I resort to only in times of dire memory shortage, because some part of that thrill of watching text go green translates into disk space.

This chapter tells me moving things about the "customs" that copy editors have created. Okay, they are entitled to their customs, but I cannot comprehend such subtle truths on the eve of my exam! I am entirely to blame, but what is the fun if an undertrial pleads guilty without making the court dance and adjourning it a hundred times. There won't be any "masala".

11.10 pm

As I type this out, I'm reading through a few rules listed in the chapter. On the face of it, they sound very simple. However, when I see that "2 - line 2 - column headline" in the paper, it all sounds like Mermish.

11.12 pm

Actually, now that I've bothered to read the rules, it sounds much simpler. Verbs, modifiers, prepositions...not that bad, but I still need to get conversant with those counting methods.

11.16 pm

Like India's fiscal deficit, I always have a sleep deficit. A copy editor may have headlines.

Woman dragged into black hole
after sleep deficit overpowers her

Girl found drooling
on ancient teak bench

Answer sheet confiscated
after it is found drenched
in unknown bodily fluids

Local train evacuated on discovery
of unidentifiable lump resembling human

11.25 pm

Why does my brain work overtime towards all the wrong things at the wrong time?!

September 13, 2007


It is sooo irritating when people unleash their 'artistic' talents...even when the brief is - COPY

September 10, 2007

War Time

My life is under siege. It has been invaded by that piffling yet omniscient scourge known as the PHOTOCOPY.

When I returned from dance class today, I brought with me a hundred aches and pains. I was aware of this threat called the exam that was increasingly hurtling towards me with the speed of a Hayabusa, but I was unprepared for the major side-effects in store. Provoked into action by dear Rahila, I decided to take stock of my academic life. Step One consisted of carefully poking under my clothes to check if there were any notes lurking there. Very soon, an avalanche of notes was cascading down from every conceivable direction (and the saddest part is that I yet have to desecrate any of them with the caste marks that are so typical of this religion called education). They were to be found under my bed, in my harmonium case, nestled in my clothes, stuffed behind the computer, in a thousand bags and above the cupboard. A very versatile lot indeed.

I decided to begin with the most forbidding bunch of photocopies, that were all by-products of our editing classes. Our professor there did utter an 'indispensible truism' when she spoke of the pristine norms and mores that kept us away from our 'xeroxes'. Embarking on the monumental task of filing these photocopies, I was soon privy to 'versatile' stabs of pain that poked me all over. Remove earlier staples (pull push grunt groan yell swear kick), punch (with all your might) and file (and then see that tiny rod break and file again). Right now, the result of my efforts rests serenely on the bed, making me feel like I've just completed my doctoral dissertation. Hell, it looks bigger than my Reporting project!!!

That was just one part of the battle. A mound of photocopies patiently awaits me, with cynical smiles playing all over their antaratmas. We thought genes were the next THING. Wait till that cloistered dork from a laboratory meets the xerox machine and its venom.

Heritage leching

Mumbai University, Rajabai Tower...and some other pics...

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September 09, 2007


Location malfunction in this case....

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Land, air sea, trees...from Orissa

You have to get on this bridge to feel the way I do...overwhelmed...

Bhimatangi blaze...on June 29, my last night at Srjan, I got super-nostalgic, spent an hour prancing around on the terrace doing a bit of Keeravani and taking absurd photos and a few good ones.

Cloud-i-city...taken from the banks (!) of the Mahanadi river when we went to Cuttack for a wedding...which brings back a funny memory...Amanda - "Ranjana, this place smells really shitty! Can we go soon?"

As I contemplated my existence (what lofty words!), sitting in an impersonal air-conditioned vehicle and whooshing towards Bhubaneswar, I put camera to some use...
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All my gotipua friends from Konark Natya Mandap...backstage at Arka Vihar, before their performance during Raja Mahotsav. Guys not in costume are Vinayak and Sahadev.

Here, they took my camera from me and experimented with it...their reaction on seeing the pictures they had made was one of pure delight.



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September 08, 2007

Miss-es and hangovers

Why does the grass always look greener and cleaner on the other side?

When I'm not in Bombay, I sing its praises to anyone who cares to hear (and bore those who don't). When I come back to Bombay, it is always with an x-hangover (x being the last place I visited). And God help those around me if I stayed there too long. The hangover shows no signs of wearing off. Instead, it just continues till I go away from Bombay, only to return with a fresh hangover...such a vicious cycle this is!

For over eight months, I was on my 'When I was in Bangalore' track. Then it was 'When I was in Bhubaneswar' and now 'When I was in Orissa'.

Well, I have legitimate reasons...that is what I think.

I miss Bhubaneswar because I cannot dance like I've lost it at midnight; if I do so, my downstairs neighbours will be filing a PIL any day now.
I miss Bhubaneswar because I cannot use my bicycle here.

When I was there I missed Bombay because it is not nice to be in Kharavela Nagar at 9 pm, knowing that the only way to get back to Bhimatangi is taking an auto that is bloody expensive.
I missed the convenience of shops that have atleast ten vegetables.
I missed the healthy looking specimens of cucmber to be found here.

I miss Bangalore...because I miss going to KC Das and stuffing myself and then saying that Bombay has a better choice of eating places!
I miss Bangalore for its dance-friendly environment.

I'm waiting for my next hangover

September 07, 2007

And some more

And this one's straight again!

Back to my favourite subject - Palm trees ...Cuttack

Taken at twilight ... Cuttack

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My week in pictures

Sweet sweet college! Can't believe my three years are almost up...I'm about to step into the big bad world for good!

Marine Drive on an overcast day...Reporting was bearing down on me, probably that's the reason for the bleak sky!

Dahi handi...It is so much fun to watch!!!

Leaning tower of Rajabai

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