October 07, 2006

Disjointed thoughts

It is a long time since I actually enjoyed myself. I've been getting a bit too serious of late and I don't know where my frivolous self got lost. My sister has been nagging me to hear a few songs from American Blend, for what seems like ages. I finally decided to do it today. One of them was a Kathak rap piece and it was so much fun. I suddenly stood up and started dancing. Pure bliss.

My pic for the UK Visa got rejected by the consulate. Apparently my head is so big that while scanning it, it just got cut off! Never in my life have I heard something so amusing. Of course, a certain nest will be very happy to have a confirmation from the consulate on my bigheadedness.

Have to watch three movies for Journalism paper. All of them are interesting in normal contexts, but boring when you have to interpret stuff. Why do we have to try and interpret every shitty thing in this world? And that too in like a minute ot two...Why can't we just sit back and learn to admire things?

Right now, I'm listening to the trailer of Syriana unfold in bits of sound that sound like belches by really farty people. How blissful !

And I always feel so sleepy all the time. If there was a Best Sleeper of the Year Award, it would go to me, and I don't think I would have any competition.

Exam are due in two days, as usual I've studied nothing, as usual I plan to pass. Let us see what happens. Some no-nonsense teachers this time will screw ass if we don't study, whereas some yace that alsos can be handled. Anyway, Jai Exam-mata ki ! Lol. I hope that pleases the exam Gods....like you have Malhar for rain, we can have a Raga Tapishxam for exams...let us see if I find the time to compose one. But it will always be sung only in Tar saptak! It is a high-tension Raga, you see...Divyak can sing it in his comedy style...then the college authorities will be driven to this pinnacle of madness and they will decide to abolish exams and loads of paper notes and will teach us all to sing:

Sa se socio ko maaro

Aur re se reports phaado

Geography ko chodo aur ab ga oo google gan

Sa re ga, arre ka hain padhai ma?

Ma se Mathematics, ka hua antim sanskar

Pa se Psychology, ka sikha sahi istimal

Dha se Dannnn Dannn Dannn Dannn, nahi bajegi black-list ki dhun

Ni se le Nirvana, aur ho jaa ab golmaal !

Sa re ga ma pa dha ni, arre ga Teacher ga teacher

Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa, pa dha ee ko de de chou ka

Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa, pa dha ee ko de de chou ka

Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa, pa dha ee ko de de chou ka

After reading this, I would probably qualify for employment as the court jester in the Janpathwa of apna Biharwa...aka Laloonagar. What say, Laloo uncle?


Ipsita said...

ranjana...u need immediate hospitalisation baby

Ranjana said...

thats what john nash was told !

Anonymous said...

girl! those lines doesnt make any sense, though i looked like... sorry but..