September 26, 2006

Train trilling

Two little kids got into the train at Andheri with me today. One of them carried a harmonium. She positioned herself against the pole on the Dadar side and started belting out one of the latest songs. Her companion, who seemed like her younger sister, started dancing. The dancer must have been around 6. She knew a few steps and went on repeating them in such a cute manner. Around Khar, she went into one of the 'seat racks' ( too small to be called anything else) and started dancing. When faced with a dearth of steps she promptly attached her hands to the top of her head, as if she were a teddy bear with two ears, and continued twirling around.

I got talking to them and they told me they live at Mumbra and go to a Telugu-medium school after 4 pm every day. They are taught to sing by their brother. Every time I see one of them, I am faced with one dilemma - whether to give them money or not. These kids by themselves are really sweet, but the money goes elsewhere, so I am adamant about not giving it to them. This time I could not resist...they were way too cute for it.

It would be interesting to do a project on them.

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