September 09, 2006

Sleepy update

Hola !

Long silence thanks to projects, the people who matter because of the projects and so on. No sleep. In short, sprawled over the bench in class. Today Vara ma'am caught me sleeping in her class, and at the end of the lecture, in all seriousness, she told me I shouldn't make it a habit, and I felt so horribly ironic inside...since that is what it seems to have become. Really. I should stop sleeping like that.

Watched an Alfred Hitchcock movie at Ipsita's place, which was good fun. Had a self-made frankie, which was umm...edible.

Did a good deed...or so I think......when we got down at Jogeshwari there was bigtime track crossing going on. In front of two passive policemen. I marched up to them and asked them why they weren't doing anything and the policeman gave me some crap on how one person could not stop the hundreds crossing the track. Anyway we started making quite a scene about it and insulted and abused a few dumbos who crossed it in front of us, and then the policeman promised that he would get the receipts from Andheri station and start fining people from Monday.

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