September 03, 2006

Look-out (Actually, look out !)

From the past few days, I've heard a lot of people say......" Yes, but this is not MY look-out." So you can have 48 hour days, fall ill, go die, but as long as you do my work, that is not my look-out. How cool is that !

Yes, doing your work on time and with complete efficiency is very good, but if you can't, you may actually have a valid point.

Has the world lost all its sensitivity? There are times when you just cannot do stuff. Is one line saying that the other person does not care because it does not concern his or her connection with you enough to absolve any need for concern or some humane behaviour?

I majorly have to go to sleep and I'll post later. But hey, that's not your lookout, is it?

1 comment:

Ai Ling said...

I know exactly wat u mean!!!

There're so many hrs in a day and only so many things u can do in a day.

And yet they expect u to work miracles and get every single thing done!!