August 07, 2006

Malhar miff-ing

The other day, I was in college for my Heras work. It so happened that the elimination rounds for Malhar were on.

The college was swarming with volunteers in black and other hues. Now, now, xatriotic Xavierites, I have nothing against Malhar, after all, it's something I'm proud of too. But instead of making me feel at home, the behaviour of certain security and assistance volunteers was so putting off that they made me feel like an intruder in my own college.

Many of them gave me this 'Why are you in college if you are not here for Malhar?' thing. Sweetoes, you need to know, there is a lot more to St. Xavier's College apart from Malhar and other predictable things.

Like how many of us knew the reference library was open last Saturday ?

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