August 09, 2006

It's clarification time !

A disclaimer, or as I'd like to put it - a clarification, is due here. It is relevant to everyone who happens to read my blog.

I have posted stuff in the past that makes a few friends, teachers and others I know real scapegoats. That doesn't mean that I hate them and I'm going out of my way to make every effort to malign them. Seriously, I don't even have the time to take their cases that seriously (and badly). Preparing arcane presentations on equally arcane topics really gets to me at times, which is when I need a break from such 'goody-two-shoes' activities. And it doesn't even help that I have a pathetic concentration span, and that I'm quite notorious for dozing off in lectures of EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT atleast once.

My life mostly revolves around dance, music, reading and writing. If I dance at home, my sweet neighbours from downstairs will come to exchange notes with me on the finer points of what I should be doing at home (and what I shouldn't). Common cold is a dysfunctional Siamese twin I've resigned myself to living with. And this nemesis of mine only cares about encroaching on my vocal chords.

Reading, goes on, and is what I'm doing most of the time. Punctuated by some writing.....remember Newton's third law - Every action generates an equal and opposite reaction (If it's wrong, I was always bad at Physics. If it's right, I have a spectacular memory!). Coming back to writing, over two years of soporific sessions of Physics and Chemistry and the like, I realised that what I liked most was drawing inspiration from the world around me.

I am a person who really doesn't care about what the world thinks of me as long as a few people who matter continue to love me (Yes, even I'm a sentimental little cow at times). Hence I guess it was natural for me to assume that the people I wrote about, in what I thought was a humorous manner, would take my posts in the right spirit if they happened to read them. I think I was wrong.

There are many earth-shattering ideas that can emerge from an 18-year-old's head, but slander is definitely not one of them. What I did was just draw from certain characteristics or mannerisms of the people around me, give them a humorous and slightly unnerving explanation at times, and post that on my blog. I looked at these people from a writer's point of view. If I actually hated them or had a problem with those mannerisms/characteristics I observed, I would probably go up to them and say that in their face. I have done that in the past and got into trouble for it. But I think that is better than letting a negative emotion like hate brew into a volcano of enormous proportions that could take a mean and dangerous face.

And if a post feels slightly naughty, that does not stem from any 'hidden' emotion. It is one of my ways of pulling people's legs. So, to put it in one line, my style basically banks on all the factors I just mentioned.

Many of my acquaintances find me uncomfortably blunt, and this has been on for a very long time. But I still believe I have more friends than enemies.

I will try to rid myself of the belief that the 21st century has ushered in a new school of thought, where people live not only in the passive freedom that the constitution provides, but also in the knowledge that they are not going to be tagged down by the weight of opinion, be it relevant or irrelevant.

If anyone finds anything offensive, please feel free to post a comment explaining why. Though I don't promise to rein in my tongue and my pen, it may help change my skewed and incorrect perception of the glass being half-full and I may be able to discuss issues and explain my side of the story in a more lucid manner.

PS: Don't you think the word lucid breathes 'boring'? Because EVERY textbook that says it is lucid actually means it is one of the most boring reads on earth !


Ipsita said...

every time i read ur work, i feel awed.
ur a gr8 writer
keep it up

Ranjana said...

Hmm....:) thanks.....but as of now the only 'writing' i can think of constitutes my heras and aic papers :( absolutely screwed in those depts !

and vara ma'am's projects ......