June 11, 2006

College begins tomorrow !

College begins tomorrow. Some how, its just nice to go back to that place. I haven't been there for almost three months !

I'll have to start sleeping earlier. I can't exactly sleep at two and wake-up at six.

Spent a lot of time updating the Smitalay site. Am just a novice at Frontpage, and there's still a lot more to do.

The college admission bit here has commenced. Was just speaking to a girl who wants to do her BMM and she told me how she's sitting with these tomes and trying to know the capitals of various countries, currencies, the longest, largest bit, and so on. I mean, the ideas coaching classes put into people's heads. This is one entrance exam where you don't need coaching, it's basically about life and the world. At this rate, we will soon have coaching for foetuses, so that they know how to enter the world with style.

I have a lot of things to say, but sleep beckons. Ciao soon !


Ai Ling said...

Hi!! How was ur first week? Exciting?? Lots of work coming in already?? ;o)

Ranjana said...

First week was cool...got nice teachers and all....also. they're planning to take us to Delhi on a field trip...now thats gonna be fun !!!