June 20, 2006

Cama-nator !!

One week of college is done....at last. Lectures have begun, the railway concession bit is over, life is exciting !

Aha.......there you are ! The railway concession story. Well, out here, we get railway passes at half the price to commute to college from home. For that, we have to collect a form stamped by the college so that the railways know that we are college kids and not just old little quasi-teenyboppers who want to save money.

In St. Xavier's, this is handled by a generally surly clerk called Ms. Cama, and whoever manages to get her is honoured with the title of a 'Cama-nator'. She dismisses even the slightly erroneous form with a sense of alacrity that even the snootiest celebrity would envy.

A normal rail-o-ordeale consists of:
1) Collect concession form
2) Fill it up scrupulously
3) Check it once
4) Double-check it twice
5) Triple-check it thrice
6) Steel your nerves...keep all your railway ammunition in your hands
7) Ready steady go......You are at the head of the line, in front of Cama, who makes the most corpulent Brazilian bull seem redundant.
8) Version one: She throws the form at you with a guttural grunt, without deeming it fit to explain why you lost the war.
Version two: Her grunt of grudging approval confirms your triumph, she then hurls a token number at you, as if it were a missile.

Well, that is not the end, and the battle goes on, but I assume this will suffice to unnerve you for today.

Au revoir !

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