June 25, 2006

Changing the world.......but life goes on

And life goes on.

Our college orientation happens today, like in the morning, at 10 am. Another generation of BMM students will enter the hallowed portals of our ancient college hall and stare in awe at the 'Provocans ad volandum' that stands guard over the stage. They will listen in earnest to long-winding speeches by countless teachers and a few distinguished media persons. They will intelligently introduce themselves to us, their seniors. When the time comes for the free pizza round ( official briefing ditties like these are often followed by a complimentary pizza and coke, which is why most of us turn up), reverse snobbery comes into place while they watch their very epitomes of inspiration, their exalted seniors, go the uncivilised way and act like they've been starved for ages.

Then from the day after that, they come to college with this crown saying 'media student' trying to rest on their heads. They want to believe they are a class apart and so they do !

They all come with dreams. From Borivali, from Bokaro, and maybe even from Baltimore. All of them strive to be different. They all take their personal oaths; they make it their mission - changing the world that is. They lament the state of the 'media' and expostulate about the honesty and transparency that they will usher into this world and so on. Almost making it seem like the world will erupt in a hundred tehelkas.

Then they come to second year. View their juniors with a bit of mixed derision, sadness and nostalgia.

Nostalgia. Sad word it is.

Then they go to third year. Graduate. Look for jobs. Settle into the same mundane 'media' routine. Say that the system is full of rot, you just can't change it. They merge. Lose their identity and facelessly step into the rot.

And another generation of media students has been lost to the quicksand.

And life goes on.

June 20, 2006

Cama-nator !!

One week of college is done....at last. Lectures have begun, the railway concession bit is over, life is exciting !

Aha.......there you are ! The railway concession story. Well, out here, we get railway passes at half the price to commute to college from home. For that, we have to collect a form stamped by the college so that the railways know that we are college kids and not just old little quasi-teenyboppers who want to save money.

In St. Xavier's, this is handled by a generally surly clerk called Ms. Cama, and whoever manages to get her is honoured with the title of a 'Cama-nator'. She dismisses even the slightly erroneous form with a sense of alacrity that even the snootiest celebrity would envy.

A normal rail-o-ordeale consists of:
1) Collect concession form
2) Fill it up scrupulously
3) Check it once
4) Double-check it twice
5) Triple-check it thrice
6) Steel your nerves...keep all your railway ammunition in your hands
7) Ready steady go......You are at the head of the line, in front of Cama, who makes the most corpulent Brazilian bull seem redundant.
8) Version one: She throws the form at you with a guttural grunt, without deeming it fit to explain why you lost the war.
Version two: Her grunt of grudging approval confirms your triumph, she then hurls a token number at you, as if it were a missile.

Well, that is not the end, and the battle goes on, but I assume this will suffice to unnerve you for today.

Au revoir !

June 11, 2006

College begins tomorrow !

College begins tomorrow. Some how, its just nice to go back to that place. I haven't been there for almost three months !

I'll have to start sleeping earlier. I can't exactly sleep at two and wake-up at six.

Spent a lot of time updating the Smitalay site. Am just a novice at Frontpage, and there's still a lot more to do.

The college admission bit here has commenced. Was just speaking to a girl who wants to do her BMM and she told me how she's sitting with these tomes and trying to know the capitals of various countries, currencies, the longest, largest bit, and so on. I mean, the ideas coaching classes put into people's heads. This is one entrance exam where you don't need coaching, it's basically about life and the world. At this rate, we will soon have coaching for foetuses, so that they know how to enter the world with style.

I have a lot of things to say, but sleep beckons. Ciao soon !

June 08, 2006

Thumbs-down to .....

It is so easy to decide that your opinions hold good, without investigating the incident or hearing both sides of the story. Thumbs-down to such s^*&ers.

June 04, 2006

Item number Tagore style !

I'm watching this stage version of one of Rabindranath Tagore's plays on ETV Bangla. It has some elements of Odissi in it, a bit of the abhinaya, some of the dance movements. From all the actors, I think the female lead is Rituparna Ghosh, and one of the six female dancers is Dona Ganguly according to a friend.

It showed this princess in all a flimsy spaghetti ghaghra, more suited to an item song from a raunchy Hindi movie than to an ancient Indian coquette. And she kept flashing all these Dilwale Dulhaniya kinds of smiles at her attendants. I'm surprised to see that no self-appointed critic seemed to notice THIS, when much subtler things are milked left, right and centre, day in and day out.

And when her lover doesn't turn up to marry her, she goes looking for him and begins to dance, well all she did was lift her legs and bring it forward, then take it behind. She kept repeating the same movements again and again. My, all this while her lover was supposed to secretly watching and I'm surprised he didn't get bored and go off to sleep !