May 08, 2006

On home turf but....

I'm finally home ! In Bombay at last. Well, I enjoyed Bangalore, and I have a lot to say, but at the moment, I am critically indisposed. Thanks to Air Deccan. Those inhuman people absolutely REFUSED to let me load more than 15 kilos onto their precious cargo hold and I had to carry around 25 kilos of stuff with me into the plane. 3 bags and one flute, to be precise. And not a SINGLE CHVALROUS MAN.

Tomorrow, today to be precise, the dance workshop at Smitalay begins. And I have this battered spine, and two ACHING hands, that abolutely refuse to be positioned chowk style. So I basically can't type or make much use of my hands, so the rest later !

1 comment:

Meghna said...

shoot shoot shoot!!! You had already left by the time i realised that you had!! Man... and I didn't say bye! Anyway, hope you had a good time in Bangalore! See you here again sometime!!