May 01, 2006

Of Bylines and Byzantine...

I'm finally a published author ! Hurrah !!!

OK, basically, the newspaper with which I'm interning right now, in Bangalore, does not believe in giving bylines to interns, atleast some parts of it. So, many of my gems have been published verbatim, with a staff reporter's name in the byline. And THAT, is one of the most depressing things that can happen to you. As much as I want to say I wrote something, it doesn't sound believeable because the paper says someone else wrote it.

The education supplement 'Education Plus', accepted an article on careers in classical dance. Also, to add to my joy, there was an article which I'd written around four weeks ago, on education in Holland. These are the links,
this one is on careers in dance, and this one on studying in Holland.

To see your name all over the paper is a wonderful feeling....!!!! I was seriously beginning to wonder whether this internship was worth it, but something tells me it is.

I had a wonderful time yesterday. Didn't go to Nrityagram, since they were closed, but I went to Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography, at Malleswaram. I watched a snippet of a rehearsal for their programme on Tuesday. It was from a production called 'The Legend of Amir Khusrau', and seemed pretty interesting.

After the rehearsal, a discussion on Sacred Geometry began, and by the time we were done, it was 9 ! But the night was enjoyable, also full of anticipation because I was just hoping this article would be there in the next day's paper.


Anonymous said...

congrats...hope soon u become the best seller author of this galaxy..

Ranjana said...

Thanks...i hope i do !

Kartikey said...

COngratulations. : )