May 03, 2006

A lecher disposed.....or indisposed ?

I've kind of learnt how to take care of lechers in Bangalore. They used to be pretty freaky earlier, but now, there are methods....

Like this guy on a bike the other day. I'd stopped to make a call to someone, and he followed me and cut right through my path around 2 or 3 times. When I turned right, onto the final road that leads to where I stay, he continued to follow me, and he stopped right outside my house. All I did was add his bike's licence plate number to the imaginary conversation I was having with my mobile phone, and he freaked ! He solicitiously addressed me as 'ma'am' and requested me not to put him into trouble. When I asked him why he followed me, he totally denied doing it, but kept on saying that he had seen a red car following me ( even the car guy did stop for me, but I disposed of him before this guy came along ). What he did not seem to realise was that - he was following me to know that the car followed me !

Anyway, my acting made him forget everything about leching at me and he ran for his life before his eyes could fall on another feminine structure !

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