March 20, 2006

Xenoblogophobia - the dangerous cyberillease

There are email accounts, which are generally meant for ONE person. There are networking circles, meant for the chosen few navaratnas that adorn your very own court. And then, there are weblogs, that are meant for the world. With sitemeters that adorn them and proudly proclaim four-digit visitor statistics.

I've always called a weblog my online identity. Oh yes, that MAY be private, but if you have a bloody blog, you bloody well made it public yourself and that's the way it is. Sorry for the niceties. To add to matters, you have a nice comments section attached to each page, which I infer, is for the world to speak its mind out. For your information, blogs generally have an option by using which you can disable comments and not let them affect the pristine beauty of your life-shattering blog.

I've always assumed that people who maintain blogs are open to comments, both from their inner coterie and the immense population of unknown fellow bloggers who chance upon their blogs. Well, it turns out that some people aren't open to comments from people they 'do not know', to say the least. Ok, point taken, you are very choosy about who says what to you. Point taken. How the hell am I supposed to know? Because your blog looks as unsuspecting as the others I've seen. I empathise with something and post a comment. Only to be intimated a while later that 'you', to be referred to as ' Xenoblogophobe ' from now on, do not like comments by people who do not have the privilege of being 'friends'. Once again, point taken. But once again, how the hell am I supposed to know about Xenoblogophobe and his/her idiosyncracies? I propose that all Xenoblogophobics should go a wee bit further and add one line to their blogs. in BOLD lettering - COMMENTS BY 'ANY DAMN BLOGGER' ARE NOT SOLICITED.

Dear Xenoblogophobes, forgive me if I was rude, but since you are afflicted by this dangerous cyberillease called xenoblogophobia, it is best to inform the cyber public about it, in order to enable prevention and kickstart research for an effective cure. Please take serious note of my earnest announcement to this effect. And in case you have something to say to me, I am not xenoblogophobic, so feel free to post comments on my blog...........:)

PS: Cyber etymologist Ipsita B has done a great service to the 'Save Cyberdom from Xenoblogophobia Satyagraha' by coining the very term that is the root of its glorious existence - Xenoblogophobia.

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