March 13, 2006

Thinking creatively: An un-ode to ECS and many other things...

It's already 12.00 am, so saying 'I'm going to give an exam tomorrow' does NOT make sense. So, I'm going to give an exam, 9 hours from now. On Effective Communication Skills. This time round, our syllabus includes 'Thinking'. Critical, creative and other types. Our professor always exhorts us to think creatively, to think 'out-of-the-box', perhaps ignoring the fact that there is nothing so 'out-of-the-box' about the word 'out-of-the-box' these days.

Point is, who decides what's mundane and what's 'out-of-the-box'. My professor loves to think she can. So despite some muttered lines about being non-judgemental, she effectively sorts through replies to some 'thought-generating' ( in essence plain rubbish ) statements she provides us with. Yes, I was judgemental right now, but I don't claim to teach 'creative and critical' thinking, do I? Anywa, she sorts through our replies with a confused 'oh...k' or 'let's see' or 'good' or 'now that sounds like an interesting idea', the last of these accompanied by a loony smile.

Tomorrow, we're basically going to think in our exams and she's going to judge our 'thinking' and grade it. Give us marks and tell us who thinks best. Well, say a government employee working in the same office in the same post for 20 years is BORING. Probably that employee may not find it boring. Probably she (well, when we generalise gender we always use 'he', i decided to experiment with 'she') looks at a new dimension of the job everyday. WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO CLASSIFY THINGS AS MUNDANE OR CREATIVE. GOD ? THE ECS PROFESSOR ? ME ? YOU ?

What, after all, is creative thinking. Any ideas ??? I'd love to know...


Anonymous said...

am not as good writer as u r but let me try...No one can decide whats creative and whats not as theres no one in this world who is not creative. every one is creative including chai wala. Hes creative enough to make effective tea to arouse freshness. when they says out of the box it sounds bullshit as idea never falls from the sky. creativity is about individuality so its solely u whos goin to decide whether your idea is innovative or not.
My ideas comes from my past experience, my surrounding, my influences and my emotional bonding with different people. if u r a dancer u can see every tree is standing in a different mudra altogether that way u can create millions of new innovative mudras copying the trees:) if u listen to Four Seasons by Vivaldi one can actually feel the weather while listening to particular season, so the point is that he must have just replicated the weather in forms of musical notes but he was skilled enough to do so.
That’s the way I create sounds don’t know about others…best of luck :)

Ranjana said...

Ur right but try telling this people to the people who make the rules. They atleast believe they have a right to censor thinking under the guise of teaching us that !

New hastas/mudras, that is a good idea now ! I've never observed closely but I will now :)

As for Vivaldi's Four Seasons, isn't it plain b'ful ??? In fact, I'm looking for a record. We'd used it in a dance production at Smitalay, called Leelavati, and I fell in love with it. I'm actually humming a bit of it right now :)

Anonymous said...

hi:)how was ur exam?

Meera said...

Creative thinking, in my books, sometimes involves finding beauty in the seemingly mundane :)

Congrats on Pol Science! And hope marketing goes well... :)

You can check out my other blog sometime:

Regarding the Conserve concept... is completely fabulous! Came across the story on one of the news channels, and thought i just have to give it a leg up.