March 21, 2006

Hmm.....whoa !!!

Life is exciting ! We just saw the last of our exams yesterday, and new things are already happening ! Just went to a volunteer meeting for MAMI'S IFF - ok, The International Film Fest organised by Mumbai Academy of Moving Images. First thing is getting those delegates out of our wonderful airports. Fun stuff to keep my mind off boredom. I'm responsible for two jury members, an Aijaz Gul from Pakistan who is a bigtime film critic as I just realised, and an Assamese filmaker/director called Utpal Borpujari.

There are a few movies I'd like to watch and I hope I can...the event's mostly in IMAX Wadala, which is a nice place, but I think the canteen could do with some sugar, as they say , ' We have onlyyy premixed coffeeeee.'

But I've missed dance and music class for a whole week due to exams and am feeling bad. So priorities are a l'il clear and Aijaz Gul is certainly not more VIP than my dance class, which has VVIP clearance, by the way.

Have been trying to post pictures from Picasa, to no avail, Picasa is really getting to my nerves today. Why, I almost thought of replacing this IE window with the Picasa one, because I almost always post pics.

We were felicitated for our involvement in Nostalgia today. Not much of a felicitation, we had to walk into the XDP and collect a college calendar, keychain, mug and Mars Bar. Still, very good for our generally stingy college.

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