March 21, 2006

Hmm.....whoa !!!

Life is exciting ! We just saw the last of our exams yesterday, and new things are already happening ! Just went to a volunteer meeting for MAMI'S IFF - ok, The International Film Fest organised by Mumbai Academy of Moving Images. First thing is getting those delegates out of our wonderful airports. Fun stuff to keep my mind off boredom. I'm responsible for two jury members, an Aijaz Gul from Pakistan who is a bigtime film critic as I just realised, and an Assamese filmaker/director called Utpal Borpujari.

There are a few movies I'd like to watch and I hope I can...the event's mostly in IMAX Wadala, which is a nice place, but I think the canteen could do with some sugar, as they say , ' We have onlyyy premixed coffeeeee.'

But I've missed dance and music class for a whole week due to exams and am feeling bad. So priorities are a l'il clear and Aijaz Gul is certainly not more VIP than my dance class, which has VVIP clearance, by the way.

Have been trying to post pictures from Picasa, to no avail, Picasa is really getting to my nerves today. Why, I almost thought of replacing this IE window with the Picasa one, because I almost always post pics.

We were felicitated for our involvement in Nostalgia today. Not much of a felicitation, we had to walk into the XDP and collect a college calendar, keychain, mug and Mars Bar. Still, very good for our generally stingy college.

March 20, 2006

Xenoblogophobia - the dangerous cyberillease

There are email accounts, which are generally meant for ONE person. There are networking circles, meant for the chosen few navaratnas that adorn your very own court. And then, there are weblogs, that are meant for the world. With sitemeters that adorn them and proudly proclaim four-digit visitor statistics.

I've always called a weblog my online identity. Oh yes, that MAY be private, but if you have a bloody blog, you bloody well made it public yourself and that's the way it is. Sorry for the niceties. To add to matters, you have a nice comments section attached to each page, which I infer, is for the world to speak its mind out. For your information, blogs generally have an option by using which you can disable comments and not let them affect the pristine beauty of your life-shattering blog.

I've always assumed that people who maintain blogs are open to comments, both from their inner coterie and the immense population of unknown fellow bloggers who chance upon their blogs. Well, it turns out that some people aren't open to comments from people they 'do not know', to say the least. Ok, point taken, you are very choosy about who says what to you. Point taken. How the hell am I supposed to know? Because your blog looks as unsuspecting as the others I've seen. I empathise with something and post a comment. Only to be intimated a while later that 'you', to be referred to as ' Xenoblogophobe ' from now on, do not like comments by people who do not have the privilege of being 'friends'. Once again, point taken. But once again, how the hell am I supposed to know about Xenoblogophobe and his/her idiosyncracies? I propose that all Xenoblogophobics should go a wee bit further and add one line to their blogs. in BOLD lettering - COMMENTS BY 'ANY DAMN BLOGGER' ARE NOT SOLICITED.

Dear Xenoblogophobes, forgive me if I was rude, but since you are afflicted by this dangerous cyberillease called xenoblogophobia, it is best to inform the cyber public about it, in order to enable prevention and kickstart research for an effective cure. Please take serious note of my earnest announcement to this effect. And in case you have something to say to me, I am not xenoblogophobic, so feel free to post comments on my blog...........:)

PS: Cyber etymologist Ipsita B has done a great service to the 'Save Cyberdom from Xenoblogophobia Satyagraha' by coining the very term that is the root of its glorious existence - Xenoblogophobia.

March 17, 2006

The night-time chronicles - Psychologically unsound.

This post will take you through a normal study session during exam season. These days, I've been inclined towards whiling the day away and then doing something that remotely resembles stuyding all through the night.

Anyway, we start now, at 11:38 am. I have a Psychology paper tomorrow and I'm stuck on my first topic - Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory. I'm in no mood to study, I feel rather sleepy, for I had to stay up till 4 am last night for a Marketing Paper. And also, to top it all up, I'm currently obsessed with the contours of my tribhanga. Apart from that, I've begun to fantasise about reading Chinua Achebe, which, well, is not one of my regular fantasies, because my literature teacher manages to make the poor guy sound so ...soporific !!! And also, with the shape of my pencils, the smell of my socks, the length of my nails and so on.

11:59 pm:

Right now, distractions are:
1) I
2) ME
4) A lovelorn modern day Radha who is pining for the Krishna who is currently dealing with other members of the female species, and who prevails on me to be a Gopi and intimate her Krishna about her endless online wait through this age of cyberKaliyuga.
5) The preface of the book I'm supposed to study from.
6) My eyelids, which are in urgent danger of collapsing. They need to be taped. Now.
7) Raga Bihag and the midnight charm it possesses.
8) Other damaging activities, also called etcetera. 

Now, for some studying, before our next update. Hum laut aayenge is chhote se break ke baad !!!

1:00 am:

Am 3 questions down, but feeling marginally better about things. I've learnt how animals apparently indulge in rape, murder and infanticide. I also know that aggression can be inhibited by its consequences. Can't understand a thing? Me neither. You are not supposed to. By the way, It's Ms. Purple Sari aka Flying Dupatta's paper. 

2.01 am:

I'm checking out a nice blog by someone from Odissi class, called 'Style Asylum'. Sounds quite interesting. Modern-day Radha is trying to tell me how Krishna is in deep shit thanks to his lack of punctuality. Right now, Krishna is in danger of losing his place to a pair of iPod jeans.
Just did some chow-ing, studying makes you feel hungry, didn't you know? Chapatis with the mango pickle I'm not allowed to eat in large quantities, which I do....
Yes, I'm supposed to be studying. Right now, I'm writing THIS. And reading blog comments.


3.23 AM:

Life is a mixture of %%&*#$ and $#%^*& . Got it ? 

3:25 am:

My computer is fuming. It's lost the endurance, the grit required to sit through so many boring hours. So it is time to end this post. I think I qualify for a nap too. So, see you, on a better day. Bye. Good riddance, oh not you my darling reader, I mean that stupid Psychology text written by a very sadistic writer and this cruel post that reminds me of the subject......


March 15, 2006

March 14, 2006

Exam update

Political Science was quite good, considering everyone seemed to be working overtime as far as studying was concerned right from 2 pm and me opening books at 11 pm for the first time. I knew all the answers !!!

Now for marketing, which sounds simple, well, sounds simple.

March 13, 2006

Thinking creatively: An un-ode to ECS and many other things...

It's already 12.00 am, so saying 'I'm going to give an exam tomorrow' does NOT make sense. So, I'm going to give an exam, 9 hours from now. On Effective Communication Skills. This time round, our syllabus includes 'Thinking'. Critical, creative and other types. Our professor always exhorts us to think creatively, to think 'out-of-the-box', perhaps ignoring the fact that there is nothing so 'out-of-the-box' about the word 'out-of-the-box' these days.

Point is, who decides what's mundane and what's 'out-of-the-box'. My professor loves to think she can. So despite some muttered lines about being non-judgemental, she effectively sorts through replies to some 'thought-generating' ( in essence plain rubbish ) statements she provides us with. Yes, I was judgemental right now, but I don't claim to teach 'creative and critical' thinking, do I? Anywa, she sorts through our replies with a confused 'oh...k' or 'let's see' or 'good' or 'now that sounds like an interesting idea', the last of these accompanied by a loony smile.

Tomorrow, we're basically going to think in our exams and she's going to judge our 'thinking' and grade it. Give us marks and tell us who thinks best. Well, say a government employee working in the same office in the same post for 20 years is BORING. Probably that employee may not find it boring. Probably she (well, when we generalise gender we always use 'he', i decided to experiment with 'she') looks at a new dimension of the job everyday. WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO CLASSIFY THINGS AS MUNDANE OR CREATIVE. GOD ? THE ECS PROFESSOR ? ME ? YOU ?

What, after all, is creative thinking. Any ideas ??? I'd love to know...

March 10, 2006

Linking woes....not any more !!!

Yes ! I finally managed to add links to my blog. I realised I was doing them in the wrong place, which is why nothing showed up. But now, Ive got it all right and things are fine again.

But as Ipsita pointed out, I don't seem to be studying.....


With exams around the corner, life is such a bore. One tends to look to the future, which seems very bright as of now ! ( Bleak if you consider the exams)

Small bits of life look so much more funnier and better, almost as if you are looking through rose tinted masses of cataracts !!!

Like a tiny Sharanya playing the sitar, yes, playing it, not playing with it, and looking up from behind a sitar which is twice his size to say hi!

The joy of those five minutes more when you are cosy between layers of cushions.

Rose petals and how they float in a mass of water.

And so many other weird things. Like how one can't post sensible stuff when exams are upon you !!!