February 21, 2006

I have.....

I've decided to sleep. Other things can wait. For, I HAVE A LIFEEEEEE !!!!!

NOSTALGIA 2006 - how and how much it sucks.

Hey, NOSTALGIA really sucks guys. I mean, I'm the one who gets bashed up if passes are not sold, but what should I do? Firstly, thanks to the pathetic catering the last few years, people don't want to return if the food is going to be as bad. Secondly, however olddd our alumni are, they are not interested in boring speeches by college authorities. We've got this sordid reputation to work against. And hell, none of the youngsters seem to want to pay Rs. 300/- for an event like this. But try telling the goddamned SCALAR CHAIN THAT !!!!

February 19, 2006


It's weird, the way I sit up through the nights these days, the way my days and nights are getting interchanged. I think it's time to go to sleep.

February 15, 2006


I think I've mentioned this cartoon earlier, foreign-returned, with a pricey degree from the University of Rochester. Anyway, she teaches Political Science, and goes on about good governance, but has no manners to talk of. She answered her cellphone not ONCE BUT THRICE during my presentation and the lecture, something I'd slogged my ass off for. I mean, it would have done her good if she'd carried some manners back along with that weird accent.....

Talk of apologising. She doesn't seem to have heard of it !!!

February 09, 2006


Goa for 3 days - Respite at the right time, when life is getting way too hectic/sappy with NOSSSSSSTTTAAAGGGIIIAAAA, but I will have to study while I'm there. Too bad, way too bad.

February 05, 2006


NOSTALGIA 2006, the St. Xavier's College Alumni Event, is now scheduled to happen on 26th February, Sunday, at 7.00 pm, In St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. It is an evening of fellowship and entertainment, and believe me, ur gonna have a ball !!!

Passes are available at the reception and are also home-delivered within Mumbai city limits. Contact the XDP at 022-22617677 or email us at stxaviersalumni@yahoo.com .