January 12, 2006

Project Progress - Natyasastra done !!!

I finally completed my paper on Natyasastra !! This one started way back in August. I got an English translation of the book only in November. Some stupid thing always came up and I was never able to complete this till today. Though the paper's not upto my usual standards, I'll work on it again in the vacations to my satisfaction. I couldn't even read the entire book this time. I'll do that for sure later. For now, it just feels very good to sit with 10 printed pages which I can submit at college tomorrow. This is like one big five month old load off my head - the formal submission of this. Now I can read my Natyasastra once again, in peace.

I got a cool new font on MS-Word called Papyrus, which I used a lot, especially while quoting from the book. And of course, for the lucky touch, I've used my favourite hasta - Sukhachanchu on the cover page. Right now, I'm sitting with sukhachanchu shaped stars in my eyes !!!

Next on my agenda is the one on gharanas. I've finally settled on Kirana gharana, because Prabha Atre, who is my favourite Hindustani classical vocalist belongs to that gharana. Yeah I know, sooooo many things depend on my favourites, don't they ???

Ajanta is on hold, but it should be done by next Wednesday, hopefully. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to read your paper on the Natya Shastra.. How about posting it? That's a hard book, i think!

Ranjana said...

Prob is, the paper is so shitty and so not a 'paper' according to me that I'd rather keep it buried. The only two ppl in the world who've seen it are I me myself and my poor teacher who has to grade it ! Really, considering I've written better stuff earlier, this attempt at just completing the project to get the credits I needed is not upto the mark at all......