January 06, 2006

Lecture notes – 2: There’s love in the air!!!

Love is in the air!!!

She comes into the class and greets us with…. guess what?? A smile J. Ms Purple Sari with purple jewellery and purple shoes with a purple voice and a L, has finally learnt to smile. And in addition, she’s stopped dressing like a monochromatic matching center.

Why this sudden change in her ‘students are meant to be shown their place’ attitude?? That is THE hot topic we love to tear apart of late. The prime suspect is – lurrrvvveee!

Nowadays, she has developed a penchant for this ‘dupatta-swing’ style of dressing, something very liberating compared to her earlier stuffiness. Her hairstyle has metamorphosed from the perfect ‘not-a-hair-out-of-place’ bob to a messy brown. She’s not exactly young, for your information.

So that is Ms. Purple Sari turned Ms. Dupatta Swing. She is droning on at top speed as usual, but, she stops at intervals to let us say a few things.

Today, what surprised us, was this – she walked into class at 10:10 am and started taking attendance, with around 10 people out of 60 in class. Slowly, people started pouring in and the lucky ones did not miss their attendance. But at the end of it, she actually granted attendance to all the not-so-unlucky latecomers, with especially, er, u know what looks at a certain species. Whether there’s something up her sleeve or whether I need a cataract operation, God only knows………

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