January 06, 2006

Lecture notes – 1: Psychorific

Another soporific lecture. Sleep is overpowering me again. It’s Psychology today. Psychology, such an interesting subject, isn’t it? But, Ms. Purple Sari with purple jewellery and purple shoes with a purple voice and a purple frown, manages to make it sound, well…in subdues emotions……boring!!!

For very obvious reasons, I won’t mention her name, (after all, I need my marks too, at the end of the dayJ). Let us call her Ms. Purple Sari then. A diminutive horror with tiny shoots of hair on her head, who was never taught how to smile. She comes to class and shoots from the lip, mouth, throat and so on, for I don’t think her tongue can handle her speed, the dizzying rate at which she goes on, 100 words per 10 seconds (I measured, you see…..). Very evidently, her drone can be deciphered by only one human being. She Her Herself. She attempts to crack jokes at times, but the straight-faced manner in which she fires her JOKES rarely makes us sit up and realize it’s a joke.
I’m generally very conscientious about paying some lip service attention in lectures. But relentless attempts to stay awake in this class have gone in vain. Invariably, by the end of the lecture, I’m always in the kingdom of dozedom.

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