January 03, 2006

Happy New Year, umhn.......nah

The New Year is here. A year full of what not, all the adjectives in the world.

New Year Resolutions for me......dunno seriously, I mean, resolutions are meant to be broken, why make them in the first place then??? One of my first resolutions was giving up my duddu-bottle for milk:), sigh.... it took me 2 more years and a whole lot of chocolates and bournvita to give that one up.

Life is becoming hectic and even more hectic. The last vacation passed in the flurry of working for a very shitty company, supposedly India's BEST event management firm ( my, its good their clients don't now what they're like). During the oh-so-short one week Xmas holidays, our doting college teachers loaded us with homework and a whole lot of other projects, presentations and blah to keep us busy, good kids, away from partying, the likes........you get the drift.

So, basically, I've not had any proper vacation since June. Thats the exalted BMM, Bachelor of 
Mass Media for you.This Xmas week was spent in trying to create a SEMBLANCE of a VACATION which we all so desperately wanted, needed and solicited. Spent the 31st rocking, keeping all assignments and assorted crap aside. On Jan 1, although most of us didn't get drunk, we woke up with a terrrrriibble hangover. The End-of-vacation syndrome, it is called. 

Known to afflict all college students drastically, it well, makes you feel ......you know how.

Too bad I have to start the New Year feeling like this totally miserable person. I need some serious pep ups.

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