November 06, 2005

A temporary bout of sporadic amnesia

I don't know what I want to write about. Yes, I really don't know.

There are times when you are busy doing something else, and you feel like doing all the things in the world at the same time. At those crucial moments, your brain overflows with ideas for the next post on your blog. But when you actually are free - like now, for example and you sit down to write, all those ideas seem to have been sucked back into a vacuum, never to be found again.

All those earth-shattering, probable Nobel and Booker lines, vanish when it comes to actually putting them down in words. Why?

Thinking of leisure time to write, the thought of this very shallow idea of leisure is very amusing too. I have so many projects left to complete and no time to do them. Four fat volumes of the Natyasastra glare at me from the bookshelf even as I write this. One teacher asks for a decent 20 pages on the Natyasastra.

My holidays are on. Not that I'm enjoying myself. I'm busy doing an internship at India's 'best' event management company. My present boss, in plain terms, is an absolute bitch. She never misses an opportunity to chide me on how unprofessional I am. At 17, I don't really conform to her idea of professional.

There are times when I'm doing a 9-5 at office, wait, a 9 am to 5 am the next day event flurry is what I mean. Sometimes, they don't give me any work to do, BUT, I'm supposed to be at their beck and call from 10 - 6:30. Which is why I feel like saying - Hey, I have a life of my own.

But, life is still not as bad as it sounds. For I know, I may have late nights, but that decent 20 page thing will come through.

And then, as people say - Anything that happens happens for the best !

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